What Is the Cost of Selling a Domain on GoDaddy?


Among web hosting providers, domain registrars, and selling services worldwide, GoDaddy is a name to be taken seriously. If you’re considering selling a name using this platform, it’s critical that you understand the price GoDaddy charges to sell a domain.

You can put your domain up for sale on GoDaddy. Utilizing this platform has several advantages, the finest of which is that you can gain from the company’s marketing efforts to attract plenty of potential customers. However, GoDaddy has a one-time listing cost, which you must pay.

List price

Your domain’s valuation and the length of time you choose to put it for sale will both affect how much it costs to list your domain for sale. Listing fees are typically greater for premium, shorter, more recognizable, and higher search volume domain names.

Pay a commission

In addition to the listing price, GoDaddy levies a commission fee. It basically represents a portion of the domain’s final sale price, which might be between 10% and 30%. The commission payment is intended to offset GoDaddy’s costs associated with marketing, negotiating, and implementing the ownership transfer.

The type of domain transaction determines the commission fee percentage. For instance, a commission fee for a domain sale at an auction would be more than one at a fixed price.

Domain evaluation service

In order to guarantee simplicity of use and transparency, GoDaddy also offers a domain appraisal service. It aids in estimating your domain’s worth. Even though there may be an additional expense, it helps in figuring out what your domain should be priced at.

Offerings and promotions

GoDaddy frequently provides special discounts or lowers their commission price for a set timeframe or specific domain kinds. As a result, such offers should be avoided.

It is crucial to comprehend GoDaddy’s pricing policy. Your chances of selling a domain successfully rise after you figure out how to make the most of the features and resources at your disposal. Finally, your ROI is maximized.

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